ARC Events

Irish Session

Share Songs, Stories, Poems, Tunes

Tuesday, March 19 Noon to 1:00

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Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. DuBois, and Work

Talk by David B. Raymond, Professor and Chair, Arts and Sciences Dept.

Thursday, Feb 15 Noon to 1:00


Monday April 8, Noon to 4 p.m.

View the NASA feed on our big screen TVs and watch the eclipse

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Academic Workshops

Wednesdays, Noon to 12:30

In-Person in the ARC

Open to NMCC Students and Staff

Lunch Provided

Handouts and Slides Archive

Workshop: Seeking Help, A Guide to Utilizing Tutors and Instructors

Wednesday, Jan 24 Noon to 12:30

Workshop: Print and Craft, Learn to Use our 3D Printer and Cricut

materials provided

Wednesday, Jan 31 Noon to 12:30

Workshop: Effective Test-Taking Strategies

Wednesday, Feb 7 Noon to 12:30

African American Poetry Read-In

Wednesday, Feb 14 Noon to 12:30

Email for Zoom Link

Workshop: APA/MLA Formatting and Citations

Wednesday, Feb 28 Noon to 12:30

Workshop: Solar Observation

materials provided

Wednesday, Mar 6 Noon to 1:00

Email for Public Access

Workshop: Effective Time Management for Students

Wednesday, Mar 13 Noon to 12:30

Workshop: Media Literacy: Facts, Fakes, and Deepfakes

Wednesday, Mar 20 Noon to 12:30

Workshop: Anatomy of Articles, Save Time with Scholarly Articles

Wednesday, Mar 27 Noon to 12:30

Workshop: Budget-Friendly Nutrition

Wednesday, Apr 10 Noon to 12:30

Workshop: Using Business Databases

Wednesday, Apr 17 Noon to 12:30

Workshop: Embracing AI in Your Daily Routine

Wednesday, Apr 24 Noon to 12:30

Workshop: Local Resources for College Students

Wednesday, May 1 Noon to 12:30