Reserve a Room

Use of Facilities

NMCC has several options for your meeting space needs: Edmunds Conference Center, Peter Hunt Multi-Media Classroom, regular classrooms and additional meeting spaces are available to accommodate various events.  NMCC allows on and off-campus groups to use classroom facilities for non-regularly scheduled classes, meetings, or functions, provided the group carries sufficient, current liability and property-damage insurance.  This service usually operates on a first-come, first-served basis, but can accommodate exceptions depending on the scope of the event.  NMCC courses take priority over all use-of-facilities requests.  The use of audio-visual aids is subject to availability, but in most cases, requests are fulfilled.  Normally, a half-price fee is charged for non-profit groups using a class room, lecture hall or Edmunds Conference Center on a limited basis.  The gymnasium is available for rent for $25 per hour.

Food service is available to groups upon sufficient notice. Refreshments require at least 48-hour advance notice (one week is preferred), and can be picked up at the cafeteria, or delivered to your site. Regularly-scheduled meals for groups served through the regular cafeteria line require three-days’ notice for breakfast and lunch, and five-days’ notice for dinner. Specially-scheduled meals are available on one-week notice. These meals will require a guaranteed minimum, and may incur a higher per-meal cost.

Please observe this step-by-step procedure when requesting use of facilities.

1. Determine your needs

a. Date, time, place
b. Anticipated attendance
c. Food-service needs
d. Audio-visual needs. Be specific  (i.e. laptop, screen, microphones, etc.)
e. Room setup/desired layout  (i.e. horseshoe, square, chairs only, etc.)
f. What is your budget?

2. Contact us to submit your request

a. Get in touch with Angela Wardwell by phone at 207-760-1125 or by email at

Please note:

All bookings need a name & phone number of contact person.
Room preference will be assigned based upon availability and meeting needs.


a. There is a 10% Admin Fee on Facility Fees, Food and Supplies. Tax-exempt organizations need to provide use-of-facilities person with a copy of their Maine tax-exempt form.
b. Facility fees are charged primarily to off-campus groups leasing campus facilities.
c. NMCC will provide an invoice listing all charges within two weeks of your event. Payment is expected within 30 days of receiving the invoice to avoid additional charges.