Students terminating enrollment at NMCC before the completion of any given semester are entitled to a refund of tuition, assessed fees (as indicated in the fees section), and room and board, based on the date official notification is given the college or the last date of attendance, whichever is latest.

The financial aid award is based upon the expectation that a student will complete the entire period for which aid is awarded. Students withdrawing from college before the term completes are subject to the pro-rata refund policy and may be obligated to repay disbursed financial aid. The total refund amount is calculated on a pro-rata basis through 60 percent of the payment period (payment period is the semester of enrollment).

The period of enrollment will be based on calendar days. Scheduled breaks of five consecutive days or longer will be excluded from the calculation, based on the regulations set forth by the Higher Education Amendments of 1998 (HEA98).

Students who feel that individual circumstances warrant exceptions from the published policy may appeal to the Dean of Students.

Board charges are refundable in full prior to the first day of residence or first day of class, whichever comes first. For official withdrawal after the first day of residence/class, see above. Alternative meal plans may be established by the college president based upon approved board charges. Refunds for alternative meal plans follow the guidelines above.

Students withdrawing from NMCC should go to the student affairs office to complete a withdrawal form. This will expedite the processing of any refund due.


Any student withdrawing from NMCC is expected to complete an official withdrawal form which may be obtained from the office of the Dean of Students and complete an exit interview. When circumstances prevent this, the student or parents should write to the Dean of Students concerning the reason requiring the student to leave. The date of withdrawal will be the date the student signs the withdrawal form; refunds are also established by the date the student signs the withdrawal form. A grade notation of AW (Administrative Withdrawal) will be indicated on a student’s academic transcript for those students who have been involuntarily separated from the college (examples: disciplinary dismissal, non-payment of bills, lack of attendance, etc.).