Scholarship Name & Scholarship Description
Advantage Payroll/Gauvin Scholarship - Awarded each semester to full-time, non-traditional students who are graduates of an Aroostook County high school and are in good academic standing with demonstrated financial needs, this scholarship was established by Ray and Sandy Gauvin and Advantage Payroll Services.

Agnes Lindsay Trust - The Agnes M. Lindsay Trust, annually awards scholarships to each of the seven colleges within the Maine Community College System. Each recipient must be a resident from rural Maine and have demonstrated financial need.

Alpha Beta Gamma Scholarship - Established in 2018 through funds raised by the NMCC Alpha Beta Gamma chapter, this scholarship aids students of good academic standing who are enrolled in the business or accounting program.

Awards of Excellence - This cash award was established by an anonymous donor who was positively affected bth personally and professionally by several NMCC graduates. Each spring, faculty nominate two graduating seniors who demonstrate a high standard of excellence in all areas - using good judgement, being successful, showing generosity toward peers, thinking creatively, displaying honesty and integrity - while being an inspiration to others.

B. Jean and Floyd L. Harding Scholarship - Established through a Charitable Remainder Unitrust left by the Hardings, this scholarship began with over a half-million dollars and is designated for graduates of Presque Isle High School. Mr. Harding was among the driving forces and members of the Maine Legislature that established the Northeastern Maine Vocational Institute, a forerunner of NMCC.

Belinda Sewall Page Memorial Scholarship - This scholarship is awarded to a student who either attended a Head Start program as a child and/or is enrolled in the early childhood education program at NMCC.

Brian Allen Buck, Jr. Memorial Scholarship - Established in 2020 by NMCC staff, faculty and friends in memory of Brian who tragically died in a snowmobile accident at the age of 25. Brian was a graduate of NMCC's plumbing and heating program. This scholarship is available annually in the fall to seniors in the plumbing and heating or electrical construction programs.

Brian C. James Scholarship - The NMCC Foundation holds the assets of this scholarship that rotates among 5 Maine Community Colleges. Students enrolled in an automotive/mechanical or civil engineering technology program with satisfactory academic progress and demonstrated financial need are eligible.

Brian C. Thayer - This scholarship is annually awarded by the Lumber Dealers Association of Maine. The recipient must be a first-year, full-time students in a construction program. Preference will be given to students who are family members of a Retail Lumber Association associated business. The award is made in the fall and the funds are split over the fall and spring semesters.

Building Trades Scholarship Fund - Established in 2021 by an anonymous donor to provide a scholarship to a deserving student who seeks an opportunity to build a career in Aroostook County. Student should be enrolled in one of the building trade programs.

Bustard/Carlson Family Scholarship - Open to all students, with selection based on financial need and academic merit, this scholarship was established by the Bustard and Carlson families in 2005.

Caribou Rotary Club Scholarship - Created by the Caribou Rotary Club in 1992, this scholarship is awarded to Caribou High School graduates who are attending NMCC. The award is need-based and goes to an individual who shows significant promise.

Carl & Lillian Rasmussen Scholarship - This memorial scholarship is for a student in the nursing program at NMCC who has demonstrated dedication to school and/or community service.

Caron`s Lawn & Property Maintenance, Inc. Scholarship - This fund focuses on rewarding motivated students in good academic standing who reside in Aroostook County.

Carson/Clark Nursing Scholarship - Created for students in the nursing and allied health department by NMCC employees and alumni, this scholarship honors Margaret Carson and Betty Baulch Clark, two former long-time chairs of that department.

Central Aroostook EMS Scholarship - Established to aid individuals enrolled in NMCC's emergency medical services program who reside in Blaine, Mars Hill, Bridgewater, E. Plantation or Monticello.

Cub & Dee Condon Scholarship - After her grandparents instilled the importance of hard work and an education, a NMCC employee and graduate created this scholarship in their honor. This award aids students enrolled in either a business program or the CDL program, which relate to Cub and Dee's long-time careers.

Dale P. & Christopher P. Powers Scholarship - Established in memory of a father and son, this scholarship is for full-time Aroostook County residents with demonstrated financial need. Preference is given to those enrolled in the diesel hydraulics program followed by those in the building construction or plumbing and heating programs.

Dana E. McGlauflin Scholarship - Established through the estate of Mr. McGlauflin who served as a long-time business manager for the college, this fund supports Aroostook County students enrolled in a degree program who maintain good academic standing, demonstrate involvement in their community and indicate high moral character.

Dickinson-McBreairty Memorial Scholarship - Established in honor and memory of the late James and Doris (Dickinson) McBreairty, as well as the couple's parents. The fund awards scholarships annually to students demonstrating financial need, with preference given to residents from Perham, Wade and Washburn.

Dirigo FFA/Nutrite Scholarship - Established by a donation from the Dirigo FFA Foundation, Inc., the scholarship is for NMCC students who are Aroostook County residents and are either a former FFA student or a student from a farm family enrolled in the business administration program or the diesel hydraulics program.

Durward & Lillian Huffman Scholarship - Honoring a long-time NMCC president, this scholarship was established through donations from employees and other college friends upon Dr. Huffman's retirement. Preference is given to students with a minimum grade point average of 3.5 who are involved in campus activities.

E. Perrin Edmunds Scholarship - Established in 2003 by Phyllis Dake in memory of her brother, a state legislator from Fort Fairfield who played a key role in obtaining the funding to establish the college, this scholarship is awarded to a student from Aroostook County who is in good academic standing and shows financial need.

Emelia Flannigan Memorial Scholarship - Funded by the estate of Ms. Flannigan, this scholarship is designated for a student from the towns of Mapleton, Castle Hill or Chapman and is awarded based upon demonstrated financial need.

Fields Realty Memorial Scholarship - Established in 2022 in memory of Lee Scott Fields, Jr. and Lee Scott Fields, Sr. who established Fields Realty, LLC. Since this company is in the housing business, the annual scholarship will benefit students from Aroostook County who have enrolled in a building trades program.

Francis E. Dorsey Scholarship - This scholarship was established by Geraldine Dorsey in memory of her late husband, Francis, and is awarded annually to a student whose gender is under-represented in a trade program.

Frank Labbe Scholarship - This fund honors the life of a 33-year dining service employee who lost his battle with cancer in 2012 after befriending many students, coworkers and instructors. Frank was a graduate of the automotive technology program but turned to a career in dining services after developing a love for it through his student work-study job at then, NMVTI. The scholarship is designated for a residential student who is an Aroostook County resident with demonstrated financial need.

G. Melvin & Phyllis J. Hovey Scholarship - This scholarship is awarded to students from Aroostook County, after considering their degree of interest in a college education, their potential for contributing to college life and to society, and their indication of high moral character.

Gene Haas Scholarship - Eugene Haas, founder and president of Haas Automation in California, awards numerous scholarships through his foundation for CNC machinist training in high schools, community colleges and trade schools. CNC students enrolled at NMCC may qualify for this scholarship.

General Endowed Scholarship - A number of scholarships are given to students each year based on academic performance and financial need. These are made possible through the interest earned on scholarship donations that are not designated for a dedicated scholarship.

George W. Scott/Maine Mutual Scholarship - This scholarship was established through donations from MMG Insurance and is intended for a student of good academic standing who is enrolled in a program within the Business Technology Department.

Governor James B. Longley Scholarship - This award is supported by the Governor James B. Longley Scholarship Foundation for two scholarships annually. The intent is to provide support to the same student for each of the two years of the student's enrollment at NMCC.

Harold & Dorothy Quass Memorial Scholarship - This scholarship was initially founded in 2003 by Harold in memory of his wife. After Harold's passing in 2014, the scholarship was endowed with the assistance of the graduating class of 2015. The award is open to motivated students with financial need, with preference given to residents of Aroostook County.

Harold G. Lainey Scholarship - This fund benefits Aroostook County students in the automotive technology program by providing scholarships to cover tuition, books, tools and equipment.

Hebert Scholarship - In memory of Albert, Margaret and Cindy Hebert, this award is distributed annually to assist students with financial need who are entering the second semester at NMCC.

Hedrich Scholarship - Supported annually through funds managed by the Presque Isle Rotary Club, this award is disbursed each spring to a qualifying NMCC student.

Houlton Center Scholarship - Students enrolled through NMCC's off-campus center in Houlton may qualify for this award if they take a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester, demonstrate financial need, display academic potential and show promise of benefiting from an education based on recommendations from high school/college staff or others.

Ian R. Sutherland Memorial Scholarship - Awarded to a first-year student in the diesel hydraulics program, this memorial fund was established by gifts initially from friends and later by family in the weeks after Ian's tragic accident.

John L. Martin Scholarship - Founded in honor of a long-time Maine legislative leader, this scholarship aids Aroostook County students enrolled in a trade program, with preference given to single parents and veterans.

Joseph & Rebecca McLaughlin Scholarship - Both graduates of NM, the McLaughlins established this fund after Mr. McLaughlin retired from a 31-year teaching career in the Trade & Technology Department. These funds are designated to support Aroostook County residents who have a minimum of 3.0 GPA and are enrolled in either the electrical construction & maintenance or networking administration and cybersecurity programs.

Katahdin Trust Company Scholarship - Provided each fall by an annual donation from Katahdin Trust Company, this scholarship is designated for a low-income student residing in Aroostook County.

Larry & Audrey Thibodeau Scholarship - This scholarship established by the late Audrey Thibodeau provides educational assistance to Aroostook County residents who are seeking education and training in a medical-related field.

Larry A. Langille Scholarship - Establish by members of the Langille family, this scholarship is awarded to a full-time student enrolled in a trade program.

Larry Cowett Memorial Scholarship - Awarded to a second-year student enrolled in an automotive program, with preference given to students in automotive technology. Preference will also be given to students who are Presque Isle residents or graduates of Presque Isle High School, the same school which Mr. Cowett attended before going on to work in his family's automotive repair business.

Linwood & Dolores Raymond Memorial Scholarship - Established by the Raymond family, this scholarship is intended for a second-year student in the liberal studies program and is based on financial need.

Lloyd Duncan Scholarship - Awarded to a senior in an electrical or electronics program, this scholarship was established in 1996 by Thelma Swain and named after a former instructor at the college.

Machias Savings Bank Scholarship - This fund was established through a gift from Machias Savings to benefit deserving students from Aroostook, Penobscot, Washington or Hancock Counties who are enrolled in a business-related field of study. The fund is used to provide scholarships and/or awards to fund tuition, books, tools, and equipment.

Maine Potato Board Scholarship - Funded through a potato tax fund grant, the scholarship is for Maine residents having direct connection to the Maine potato growing industry, via themselves or through their immediate family (parent, child or sibling).

Maine Potato Growers Scholarship - Established in 2008 through pledges from the Maine Potato Growers, this fund provides support to students for tuition, books, tools and/or equipment.

Marvin Tarbox, Jr. Memorial Scholarship - Since 2013, the Low XII Riders of Central Maine have held an annual ride in honor of one of their own members, Marvin Tarbox, Jr. who was tragically killed in 2011 during a parade where he was performing with the Anah Shrine Motor Corps Unit. Funds raised through these motorcycle rides go to an NMCC student in their second semester of the electrical program, the same field in which Marvin worked.

Mary Maxine & Charles D. Eber Scholarship - Originally established in 2000 by Charles Eber in memory of his late wife, the scholarship was renamed after Mr. Eber passed away. The award provides assistance so a student can achieve his or her educational goals.

Matthew Turnbull's Livin' the Dream Scholarship - Established by family and friends to keep Matthew's memory alive, this scholarship assists two eligible students annually who are enrolled in the Trade and Technology Department just like Matthew had been. One recipient must be a first-year student who graduated from Caribou High School and one must be a second-year student who is a native of Aroostook County.

Medley Cotton Scholarship - Established in 2019 through a donation by Kevin J. Frazier to honor his high school bookkeeping instructor, Medley Cotton, this scholarship is designated for Presque Isle High School graduates majoring in accounting.

Melanie Jane Stewart Memorial Scholarship - Established in memory of the late Melanie Jane Stewart by her three children. Preference is given to students with a GPA of 2.5 or better, who are entering their second year of a program of study. The fund focuses on rewarding academic achievement and community involvement. The recipient must demonstrate the desire to help people, lead with the intent to create a positive impact, and also have personally experienced hardship due to cancer.

Michael Kelley, Sr. Scholarship - This fund honors a NMCC alumnus and former NMCC Foundation Board member who is a graduate of the business department. The scholarship is awarded annually to a student enrolled in either business administration or accounting.

Mike and Heidi Community Fund Scholarship - This fund was established in honor and memory of Michael Kitchen and Heidi Pratt, two active members of the greater Southern Aroostook community, who were tragically murdered in 2013. The award is designated for students enrolled in automotive technology or early childhood education who were previous graduates of high schools or home schools in the Southern Aroostook area.

Misc. Pass-Through Scholarship - This fund tracks one-time donations and several regular annual donations designated to be disbursed as various scholarships. These gifts are not invested; instead they are disbursed in their entirety according to the donor's wishes. Pass-through scholarships are often established in memory of a loved one or are established by an organization or private foundation wishing to support NMCC students.

Mitch Cyr Memorial Scholarship - Awarded in memory of Mitchell P. Cyr, this scholarship is for a traditional student who is an Aroostook County resident, with preference given to Presque Isle High School graduates. The scholarship is based on both financial need and satisfactory academic standing with a demonstrated desire to learn and succeed.

Northern Light AR Gould/Marge Haines Memorial Scholarship - This scholarship, funded by a group of nursing professionals, medical staff and hospital board directors, is in memory of Marge Haines, a long-time nurse at The Aroostook Medical Center. Eligible students must be enrolled in the nursing program with a minimum 3.25 GPA and have plans to practice in Aroostook County upon graduation.

Northern Light Foundation - Irene Shannon Fund Scholarship - Provided by donations from the Northern Light Health Foundation, this award is designated for matriculating nursing students.

Paris J. Snow Scholarship - Established by Willetta 'Billy' Snow in memory of her husband Pat, this scholarship is for a full-time student who is an Aroostook County resident and shows significant promise as well as demonstrated financial need. Pat Snow was an enthusiastic supporter of vocational technical education in Maine, particularly at NMCC. He was one of the original incorporators of the Foundation and served as its first president.

Peter G. Hunt, Sr. Memorial Scholarship - Established by United Insurance Group after the unexpected passing of Mr. Hunt as a tribute to his memory and legacy. Criteria for this scholarship include having a GPA of 3.0 or higher and being enrolled in the second semester in a business, nursing or trade program.

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship - Funded by NMCC students involved in the campus chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for students in two-year colleges, this scholarship is intended for PTK members.

Philip Parker Memorial Scholarship - Founded in honor of a local self-taught electronics business owner, Mr. Parker placed great value on education and took great pride in the support he provided to staff and students in the computer electronics program. This annual scholarship is designated for second-year, full-time students of good academic standing enrolled in an electronics program, with preference given to students studying Network Administration and Cybersecurity.

Presque Isle Rotary Scholarship - Funded by the Presque Isle Rotary Club, this scholarship is intended for full-time students who are graduates of Presque Isle High School and who have demonstrated financial need.

Richard Wayne West Memorial Scholarship - Upon his retirement in 2000, college employees and alumni started this scholarship to honor Dick West, department chair of the Trade and Technology Department at NMCC for 25 years. The award is designated for a student pursuing an education in a trade and technology program.

Rick & Marilyn Nadeau/A&L Construction, Inc. Scholarship - This scholarship provides financial assistance to a second-year student in the Building Construction Program.

Robert Blackmore Scholarship - Created for students in the business technology department by NMCC employees and alumni in honor of Robert Blackmore, a former Computer Information Systems Instructor at NMCC.

Roberta J. Dingwall Memorial Scholarship - This scholarship was established by Mrs. Dingwall in her will. The recipient must be a graduate of Presque Isle High School and in good academic standing while enrolled full-time in a trade program.

Sandstrom Scholarship - Also established during The Campaign for the County's College, this award is designated for students in the accounting program.

Smith's Farm Scholarship - Founded by a family-owned agricultural business, this award is designated for Aroostook County residents enrolled in either accounting, business administration, diesel hydraulics or welding.

SOHAF2 Scholarship - An MCCS Workforce Development Scholarship funded by the Harold Alfond Foundation. Students apply for this award directly through the Alfond Foundation and are required to be employed at an affiliated workplace.

Sturdivant Island Tuna Tournament Scholarship - For over 20 years, the SITT Charitable Foundation raised funds through an annual fishing tournament to support students at each of the seven community colleges in Maine. This scholarship is awarded to NMCC students who are Maine residents, have demonstrated unmet financial need, and are in good academic standing.

Sunshine Health Scholarship - Established through an anonymous $10,000 donation from the Sunshine Benefactors in 2009, scholarships from this fund are designated for students in the Nursing and Allied Health Department and are based on financial need.

SW Collins Company Scholarship - This scholarship fund was established by the SW Collins Company during The Campaign for the County's College and is for a student in a building trades program.

TD Bank Scholarship - Continually funded by money raised through the annual TD Bank Golf Tournament to Benefit the NMCC Foundation, this scholarship is awarded to traditional students in the Business Technology Department who are Maine residents and have unmet need.

Thelma C. Swain Scholarship - This scholarship is designated for students enrolled in a program which has an impact upon Aroostook County, with preference given to those enrolled in the nursing, building construction, or plumbing & heating programs. Before her passing, Ms. Swain endowed a scholarship at each of the seven colleges of the Maine Community College System.

Tom & Betty K. Conant Scholarship - This fund was established through a donation from Tom Conant and his wife, Betty Kent-Conant, who is a former chair of NMCC's Nursing & Allied Health Department. The annual award is split between a student pursuing a degree in nursing or a health-related field and a student in electrical construction and maintenance, with preference given to students from Aroostook County.

Versant Power Scholarship - Originally set up in 1998 through donations from the former Maine Public Service Company and Emera Maine, this scholarship is intended for a full-time student showing significant promise who is from Aroostook County and is pursuing a vocation useful in a career within the power generation industry.

William G. Egeler Work Ethic Fund - Established through a $15,000 gift from the NMCC Student Senate, this fund supports a campus-based student work program by providing wages for students in administrative or operational support jobs at NMCC. In 2021, the fund was renamed in honor of Dr. Egeler who retired after 40 years of service to the college.

Wilson H. Clark Memorial Fund - Created in 2020 by three siblings in memory of their father, a longtime local logger and owner of Wilson Clark Trucking in Ashland, Maine. This stipend supports students who have demonstrated financial need and are enrolled in the Mechanized Logging Operations Program.