Trade and Technical Occupations

This program recognizes proficiency at the associate degree level for various trades and technical occupations.  The program is open to individuals who have completed a *registered apprenticeship program (i.e. journeyman status) and apprentices who wish to complete the trade and technical occupations program simultaneously with dual enrollment in the apprenticeship program.

Participation is available to apprentices in a registered or college approved program that is at least three years in duration.  To see if you qualify for this special program, learn more by checking out the college catalog or by contacting the Admissions Office.


Maine Apprenticeship Program

The Maine Apprenticeship Program assists in setting up structured yet flexible training programs designed to meet the specific needs of Maine employers through on-the-job learning and related classroom instruction.  (source: MDOL website)

If you would like further information on the Maine Apprenticeship Program click on the following link to the Maine Department of Education website:

Maine Apprenticeship Program | ME Department of Labor


*Registered by Maine State Apprenticeship Council; Bureau of Apprenticeship Training, U.S. Department of Labor, or formal programs approved by the college.