Career Studies


The purpose of the associate in applied science degree in Career Studies is to provide highly individualized and flexible programming to meet the needs of students with significant work and learning experiences whose educational and/or occupational goals cannot be met by the other technical programs of the college.
The objectives of the program include: recognizing significant work and/or learning experiences in a broad range of technical, business and specialized career fields; enhancing educational opportunities for those students who already possess significant skills and assisting individuals to advance in their chosen occupations.

A representative from the office of the academic dean will interview individuals who seek admission to this program. An applicant then constructs a portfolio which defines and documents his/her work, skills and/or learning experiences, according to specific guidelines of content and organization provided by the college. A candidate next applies for admission to the college following standard admission procedures.

A screening committee reviews the completed portfolio and interviews the candidate. Then, upon committee recommendation, the admissions office administers diagnostic testing for placement purposes. Based upon the results of the testing, the screening committee determines the candidate’s Individualized Educational Plan for fulfilling programmatic requirements. The candidate then reviews the plan with his/her academic advisor and begins or rejects the program.

A student may be awarded as many as 20 credit hours toward the career/vocational/technical component of this degree upon review and evaluation of his/her portfolio. The general education and elective components of the program form the basis of the student’s degree work at the college.

Know that you want to go to college, but unsure of what you want to go for? Career Studies allows you to earn credits toward a degree while exploring your options. Apply today!