General Education Core

NMCC Philosophy of General Education

The general education core provides broad exposure to the main fields of human knowledge (humanities, social sciences, sciences, and mathematics) to provide the foundational knowledge, skills and values of an educated person, support students in mastering a technical field and becoming active and responsible citizens. An educated person is fully literate, able to read, write, listen, speak, and think with clarity and precision; has the capability for lifelong learning, including the skills of information literacy and the ability to think critically; understands and is able to relate scientific and technological knowledge to the issues that affect the quality of human life on this planet; uses numerical data with ease and precision; and uses the aforementioned knowledge and his/her experience to find meaning and purpose in life. An educated person engages in work that is fulfilling and does it to the best of his/her ability; understands his/her role as a citizen with a logical system of ethics and values; and is able to apply those values and morality everyday within society in a reasoned and rational manner. To that end, the faculty has identified what they deem to be the essential knowledge, skills, and values of an educated person.