Career & Job Placement

Career planning and placement assistance is available from several sources at NMCC.  The staff in student services, as well as individual instructors, are willing to help graduates find jobs in their field.  Because of their job market knowledge and employer contacts, instructors are often excellent sources of assistance.  Each spring, seniors benefit from a strong effort to help them secure employment.

NMCC uses College Central Network (CCN) as its job resource and resume system.  The site is available 24/7 to students, alumni, and employers. Students and alumni may use College Central Network to search for jobs, create and post resumes, and to access career advice videos and documents. Visit to find out how CCN can help meet all of your career planning needs.

The Counseling Office delivers information, workshops and assistance to aid students exploring career options and plans.  We encourage students to consider careers that are non-traditional for their gender.  Workshops are held annually on a wide variety of job-search and career-planning topics.

The following percentages represent graduate employment rates approximately six months after graduation, as reported by the students in our annual employment survey of new graduates.

% of students 2012 2013 2014
Employed 66% 59% 73%
Employed & Continuing Education 6% 10% 8%
Continuing Education Only 18% 10% 10%
Unemployed 10% 21% 9%

Based on the 2014 Student Survey results:

91% of employed graduates are working in Maine

69% of employed graduates are working in Aroostook County