Breaking The Mold: Where Are They Now?

September 9, 2016

For nearly three years, NMCC has been recognizing students who are “breaking the mold”. These students are defying gender stereotypes, breaking barriers, and creating a more diverse workforce by pursuing careers that are considered to be nontraditional for their gender. In this special issue of “Breaking the Mold: Where Are They Now?”, former NMCC Breaking the Mold students share the career paths they pursued after graduation.

Julie Carneyelectricaljulie

A 2015 graduate of NMCC’s Electrical Construction and Maintenance program, Julie Carney was recognized in the October 2014 issue of Breaking the Mold. Julie currently works at Columbia Forest Products in Presque Isle as an Electrical and Instrumentation Technician. Julie states that she is learning something new every day. “School only touches the surface of your field and provides you with the knowledge. Working in the field provides you with the opportunity to build the skills.” Julie lives in Ashland.

Bryan PelkeyNurseBP

Bryan was recognized in January of 2014. Since graduating in May of 2014, Bryan has been working at Penobscot Valley Hospital in Lincoln, Maine as a Medical/Surgical Nurse. He lives less than five miles from his job in Mattamiscontis Township, Maine. Bryan is glad that he pursued college later in life and sought training in a new career. Bryan truly enjoys having a career that provides job stability, a variety of opportunities, and the option to work anywhere in the country. “The best part of my current job is working with older, elderly patients who have so much wisdom and life lessons to teach me. It makes my job more rewarding.”

Jennifer Belanger

computer electronicsJenJennifer was NMCC’s Breaking the Mold student in January of 2015. Jennifer earned an Associate in Applied Science degree in Computer Electronics in May of 2015. She currently lives in Dover, New Hampshire and works as a Software Technician at Bottomline Technologies. Jennifer is applying the knowledge that she acquired at NMCC to her daily work. “I use a lot of skills I learned from computer electronics in my day-to-day job as well as some programming skills I learned on my own.” There are several aspects of Jennifer’s job that she enjoys. “I like being the person that a customer calls and trusts to solve a technical problem they have, and I like the vast tools we use to solve their problem. I get to play in virtual machines and databases all day doing my favorite thing, learning how things work and how to fix them if they break.”

Cheryl Murchison

CherylBAPresque Isle resident Cheryl Murchison was the Breaking the Mold student in April 2016 and graduated in May with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Business Administration. Cheryl also earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Accounting from NMCC in 2015. In July of 2016, Cheryl became employed at NMCC as an Administrative Specialist III in the TRiO Student Support Services office. In addition to the benefits she receives, Cheryl also likes working with others. “I really enjoy my job because I get to work with students and all the faculty members who helped and guided me to achieving my goals. I hope that I can pay it forward to other students and be able to guide and inspire.”

Harley Wiggins

Harley was recognized in September of 2014. Harley graduated from NMCC in May of 2015 with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Automotive Technology and another in Diesel Hydraulics Technology. While attending NMCC, Harley completed an internship with the Maine Department of Transportation (MDOT) and accepted a full-time position with the company after graduation as a Heavy Vehicle and Equipment Technician at the Fleet Shop in Caribou.  “I love the fact that I’m working in my field of study and got my full-time position six months after graduation. I like that I was able to stay in Aroostook County, which is where I grew up. The guys I work with are great and are always willing to help.” Harley currently liautotechHWves in Stockholm.