Spring Dean’s List Announced

June 17, 2016

Northern Maine Community College has released its Dean’s List for the 2016 spring semester.  One hundred and fifty-seven full-time students earned a 3.20 average or better; 53 of these students were named to high honors with a grade point average of 3.85 or better.  Thirty-four students had the distinction of earning a perfect 4.0 grade point average.

“Students achieving this academic honor understand the value of higher education for their future and to the lives of their families,” said Dr. William Egeler, dean of students.  “We are proud to publically recognize the commitment and dedication of these very hard-working individuals.   We hope those who know these students will congratulate them for their success.”

During the spring semester, 764 full and part-time students attended Northern Maine Community College.  The main campus of NMCC is located in Presque Isle. The College offers 37 associate degree and certificate-level programs, preparing students to either enter the workforce immediately upon graduation or to transfer to a four-year college or university.  It is one of seven colleges in the Maine Community College System.

Please see the list below for the names of students in your area.


Spring Semester High Honors (3.85-4.0)

Appleton:  Cade Patten*

Ashland:  Jessica Craig

Blaine:  Emily Pickance

California Settlement, NB:  Adam Francoeur*

Caribou:  Taya Damboise*, Caleb Gordon*, Lawrence Huckins*, Bethany McAvoy, Erica Nadeau

Easton:  Bethany Shaw*

Fort Fairfield: Bryan Romine, Andrew Tuck*

Fort Kent:  Lynn Morin*, Jenny Morneault*, Anne Ward

Hodgdon:  Melissa Tidd

Houlton:  Eric Crouse, Cecil Gogan, Casey Gove*, April Smith*, Jack Willette*

Limestone:  Thomas Albert*

Linneus:  Brandi Polchies*

Ludlow:  Joseph Silliboy*

Madawaska:  Peter Michaud*, Chad Morneault*

Mapleton:  Matthew McKenna*

Mars Hill:  Jonathan Pierce, Dean Scoble*

Newburgh:  Alex Dube*

Patten:  Caleb Cullen

Perham:  Jahneya Malave

Presque Isle:  Tyler Arndt, Robin Booker*, Crystal Condo*, Edward Escobar*, Brenda Gilliam*, Karessa Grenier*, Danielle Larrabee, Cheryl Murchison*, Clarina Nadeau, Anjanette Pike*, Autumn Saucier* 

St. David:  John Dixon*, Alec Thibeault

Tobique First Nation, NB:  Ruth Francis

Van Buren:  Jesse Cormier, Linda Thebarge*

Washburn:  Kennedy Churchill*, David Craw*, Kala Farley, Stacy Landry*

Westfield:  Katelynn Perkins*


*Achieved a perfect 4.0 semester

Spring Semester Dean’s List  (3.20-3.84)

Ashland:  Isaac Cyr

Belmont:  Anthony DeFeo

Blaine:  Rachel Stetson

Bradford:  Brady Bubar

Bridgewater:  Ethan Bradstreet

Brownville:  Kenneth Tarnoczy

Caribou:  Dylan Berkoski, Gloria Boykin, Amanda Caron, Elizabeth Cook, Kent DeMerchant, Shannan Godin, Michael Marquis, Justine Napalapalai, Larry Spencer, Matthew Theriault, Candace Whitmore

Caswell: Tammy Morris

Chapman:  Madalyn Caron

Clinton:  Tristan Quick

Crouseville:  Kyle Hews

East Andover:  Zachary Morton

Easton:  Cassandra Buck, Danielle Dudley, Brandon Hussey

Fall River, Massachusetts:  Patrick McKnight

Fort Fairfield:  Stephanie Dame, Michelle Doody, Jacob Kenneson, Shyanna Smith, David Wentworth, Kevin White, Sabrina Witham

Fort Kent: Shane Bouchard, Anthony Desjardins, Dustin Roy

Frenchville:  Isaac deMontigny, Alvin Tardif

Greenfield, NB: Sarah Kenneson

Houlton: Daniel Howe, Caleb McGary

Hudson:  Jonathan Fink

Lee:  Jacob Albert

Leeds:  Cody Dennison

Limestone: Anthony Avant, Matthew Brooker, Joshua Colsden, Jesse Henderson

Linneus:  Desiree Foster

Livermore Falls:  Caleb Castonguay

Lovell:  Mason Molloy

Madawaska:  Scott Russell

Mapleton: Zachary Breton, Gage Michaud

Mars Hill:  Hannah Brewer, Harold Decker, Katie Garrison, Sally King

Millinocket:  Andrew Zetterman

Monticello:  Crystal Brooker

Morrill:  Ellie Simmons

Mount Desert:  Chapin McFarland

Naples:  Brendon Harmon

New Sweden:  Amber Landeen-Peterson, Travis Whitmore

Portage:  Nicholas Belanger

Portland:  Dylan Griffin

Presque Isle: Alexis Bell, Chad Bertrand, Sabrina Boggs, Daniel Boucher, Hilaire Cadet, Denise Clark, Jamie-Lyn Cray, Winona Christnot-Peters, Mariah Cyr, Amanda Eivers, Matthew Freeman, Alexandra Lambert, Griffen Lovely, Megan Merry, Stephanie Pelkey, Aileen Peterson, Joshua Pike, Jennifer Pyles, Hannah Quinn, Mason Raymond, Allen St. Peter, Jodi Smith, Heidi Wright

St. Agatha:  Shane Chamberland, Jacob Lizotte

Smyrna Mills:  Ria Kinney

St. John Plantation:  Mitchell Pelletier

Thomaston:  Cody Hallowell

Trevett:  Maxwell Lewis

Van Buren:  Alex Perreault

Vineland, NJ:  Charity Luster

Wade:  Rachel Rossignol

Washburn:  Angela Boyce, Cameron Bragg, Chandler Dobson

West Paris:  Eric Martinez Mendieta

Woodland:  Collin Patterson


Part-Time Dean’s List  2015-2016 Academic Year

*Achieved a perfect 4.0 in both semesters

 Ashland:  Melinda Burby, Kelli Sturgeon

Bath:  Alixandra Calloway

Caribou:  Adam Bishop, Janell Carter, Ann Ellis, Joel Johndro, Dezirae Kish, Angela LaPlante

Carmel:  Amanda Foster

Eagle Lake:  Nicole Pinette*

Easton:  Brittney LaFrance

Fort Fairfield:  Adam Fox, Jeffrey Leighton, Desiraie Rediker, Kristy Vigil*

Hersey:  Sierra Smith

Hodgdon:  Joanna London

Houlton:  Sydney Bradshaw, Kimberly Goodall, Dana Graham, Gabriel Hannigan, Leslie Heath*, Dylan Polchies*, Marguerite Russell, Kira Schools, Jessica White

Kincardine, NB:  Howard Paddock

Limestone:  Maxine Breneman

Linneus:  Laura Beal

Madawaska:  Trisha Gagnon, Crystal Michaud

Mapleton:  Michael Antworth

Oakfield:  Tammy Tanner

Orient:  Ashley Malone

Perham:  Vanessa Shaw

Presque Isle:  Jaimee Amero, Destiny Cyr, Zack Haggerty, Kelly McInnis, James Morrow*, Nicole Thompson*, Evelyn Wabwire, Samantha Woodcock

Smyrna Mills:  Jessica Porter

St. John Plantation:  Blair Pelletier

Van Buren:  Tammy Cyr, Carol Anne Dube, Amy Gagnon

Washburn:  Leslie Curtis

Westfield:  Julia Lunney