Problem with e-mail Accounts

May 19, 2015

On Monday (5-18-2015) at around 8:00am some student e-mail accounts where reset back to the default passwords. This due to a problem between NMCC and the Google application that creates student accounts. Your e-mail information has not been compromised in anyway due to this issue. The passwords have just been reset back to the initial passwords.

Your passwords for the Information Portal,, have not changed. With this in mind an application was created inside the site to help you find your default password. If you go to and under the Students tab you will see on the left hand side a “Default Password” option. If you click on it and then click “Display your default password” you will see what your email password was reset to.

You can then login to your student email account with that password and change it.

If you are experiencing any problems with your e-mail account please feel free to contact the IT Office…768-2851.