Nursing Class of 2018 Celebrates Pinning Ceremony

May 14, 2018

Northern Maine Community College 2018 Nursing Graduates.
Front left to right: Ashle Cole of Mapleton, Betsy Allen of Blaine, Tammy Susi of Caribou, Ashley Malone of Orient, Marissa Chasse of Mars Hill, Rosalia Drake of Houlton, Jenny Morneault of Fort Kent, Kelly Dewley of Caribou, Briana Rossignol of Connor, Janell Carter of Caribou, Samantha Wilkins of New Gloucester, Marci Wilcox of Presque Isle
Back left to right: Andrea Hill of Mapleton, Taylor Flint of Houlton, Anita Plog of Fort Kent, Christina Kinney of Fort Fairfield, Megan Theriault of Caribou, Samantha Keegan of Detroit, Michele Wilcox of Caribou, Rachel Grew of Mars Hill, Stephen Paul of Belfast, Jessica Hemingway of Hodgdon, Desiraie Rediker of Fort Fairfield.

“With loyalty will I endeavor to aid the physician in his work, and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care,” recited Northern Maine Community College senior nursing students as part of the Nightingale Pledge at the annual Nursing Pinning Ceremony on May 11.

Twenty-four nursing graduates were joined by family, friends, faculty, and staff to witness this important milestone which signifies the official entrance into the nursing field for members of the graduating class.

Mary Cornelio, RN, MSN, chair of the college’s nursing and allied health department, addressed the new graduates.

“This is a glorious day to celebrate. The faculty and college are proud to recognize your successful transition from student nurse to graduate. Congratulations on getting through the first leg of this journey,” she said.

“These graduates are life-long learners, all continuing on in education in some manner, armed with newly developed high tech skills, and ready to give high-quality care.”

Ashle Cole of Mapleton recites the Nightingale Pledge with her classmates as part of the annual Northern Maine Community College Nursing Pinning Ceremony on May 11.

Cornelio also acknowledged Deborah Folsom, RN, MSN, AHN-BC and George Gartley, RN, BSN. Both nursing instructors are retiring this summer after teaching at NMCC for over 13 years and over 5 years, respectively.

NMCC President Timothy Crowley congratulated the graduates on their ceremonious day and offered advice.

“There will always be change in your profession and you will need to learn how to adjust to it. Look to the NMCC nursing faculty as a fine example. They graciously dealt with change this semester by relocating their classes to accommodate the construction that needed to begin in the new Simulation Center,” said Crowley. “In addition to adjusting to change, also carry with you the understanding that through your work, you will make a difference in someone’s life.”

The guest speaker for the day was Janet Durgin, RN MSN, CNE-BC, LSW who formerly taught at NMCC.

“Nursing is a way of life that encompasses respect, ethical integrity, tolerance for different perspectives without judgment, honesty, empathy, compassion, and the ability to listen.”

Durgin challenged the class to continue to embrace old and proven principles, as simple as hand washing, and integrate them with new technological advances to provide optimal care solutions.

“Remember the legacy of those before you and the challenges that have been overcome, both personally and professionally. Promise yourself to carry our proud legacy forward and to be the best of the best registered nurses. I am confident that you will do that.”

The student speaker, Stephen Paul, thanked the families and nursing faculty for their continual support. “We did not make it here on our own. We made it with the help of all of you. We applaud you and thank you.”

During the awarding of the pins portion of the ceremony, each student received a pin from special people in their lives that provided support to them throughout their time at NMCC.