NMCC Student Josh McGillicuddy Wins Gold at SkillsUSA National Competition

July 3, 2024

NMCC Electrical Construction and Maintenance Instructor celebrates his student
Josh McGillicuddy’s gold medal at NLSC Awards Ceremony. (Photo credit: Tara Taggett)


Josh McGillicuddy, a recent graduate of Northern Maine Community College’s (NMCC) Electrical Construction and Maintenance program, won a gold medal at the SkillsUSA National Leadership & Skills Conference (NLSC) in Atlanta, G.A. This annual event, held from June 24 to 28, is the nation’s largest gathering of future skilled professionals and a highlight for career and technical education excellence.

McGillicuddy secured the top honor in the college-level Electrical Construction Wiring category during Friday’s awards ceremony, bringing national recognition to NMCC’s Trade and Technical Occupations department. He was one of five competitors from Maine to receive an award and the only one to take home a gold medal.

His journey to the national stage began with a gold medal win at the Maine State SkillsUSA Conference held from March 18-19, 2024, in Bangor. Josh demonstrated outstanding expertise in the Electrical Technology competition, and he excelled in several challenging tasks, showcasing his technical prowess and problem-solving skills. The competition involved the following key areas:

Wiring and Circuitry: Designing, installing, and troubleshooting various electrical circuits, including residential, commercial, and industrial systems.

Conduit Bending: Demonstrating precision in bending and installing conduit to meet industry standards and safety codes.

Electrical Components: Assembling and disassembling electrical panels, circuit breakers, and other components.

Blueprint Reading: Reading and interpreting electrical blueprints and schematics accurately.

Safety Protocols: Adhering to strict electrical safety practices.

The 2024 NLSC attracted over 16,000 attendees, including students, instructors, industry partners, government officials, and administrators. The SkillsUSA Championships featured more than 6,000 state champions competing in 115 skilled and leadership competitions.

Also representing NMCC was Jesse Taggett, who competed in the Welding category. Taggett earned his spot at the NLSC by winning gold at the state competition in Bangor this spring, marking his third qualification for the national event.

Pamela Buck, PE, Chair of NMCC’s Trade and Technical Department, expressed immense pride in the students’ accomplishments: “This is an outstanding achievement for Josh, underscoring the quality of our faculty, the electrical program, and our college as a whole. Jesse’s performance was commendable, and he should be very proud. Congratulations to both Josh and Jesse.”

NMCC Welding Faculty Rick Taggett and Electrical Construction Faculty Jake Chouinard supported the students at the NLSC and were also involved in the state competition. Josh’s trip to the NLSC was sponsored by Underwood Electric Inc. and MCR Electric.

McGillicuddy’s success at the NLSC opens the door for potential participation in the WorldSkills Competition (WSC), held every two years and bringing together participants from over 80 countries. The next WSC will be in Lyon, France, from September 10-15, 2024.

By Development & Public Affairs | July 3, 2024