Late Start Semester

September 18, 2015

Good Lynn gesturingFor only the second time ever, Northern Maine Community College is offering a Late Start Semester for the general public. For those who missed the enrollment deadline for the fall semester, who may have been engaged in summer employment, or for those who have decided not to wait until spring to get started on their college degree, Late Start Semester extends one more opportunity.

Beginning September 28, NMCC will be offering a number of classes including Elementary Algebra, English Composition, and Entrepreneurship among others.

“We wanted to reach out into the community and give another chance to potential students who were not prepared for the start of classes prior to Labor Day,” according to NMCC President Timothy Crowley. “We believe it’s important to afford every opportunity to people who want to get a start on their college education this fall. Late Start Semester will help individuals get into the system and finish some basic courses before the next semester begins in January.”

“Late Start was designed to address a couple of issues that we see each year: including the student who went away to another college and after a few days, decided it was not for them, as well as the person who started the application too late to enter the traditional semester,” explained Bill Egeler, Dean of Students. “To accommodate these individuals, we have streamlined admission procedures while limiting enrollment to a few select classes which will apply to a variety of academic programs on campus. We hate to turn interested people away and want to ensure they have the best possible chance of success.”

Applications will be accepted through the first day of classes, September 28th.