BREAKING THE MOLD: Megan Robinson, Structural Welding

April 19, 2024

Megan Robinson, structural welding student at NMCC.

Megan Robinson is a structural welding student at Northern Maine Community College. She began the program with no prior experience. “I never even touched a welder before,” she explains, and now she loves it.

Having grown up on a farm, Megan understood the benefit of welding skills as the family had to hire welders for equipment repairs. With the 2023 high school graduates receiving the option for tuition-free college in Maine, Megan took advantage of the opportunity to earn a Structural Welding Certificate at NMCC.

The experience in the welding program at NMCC has been exceedingly positive for Megan. “I’m loving it. The classes are well structured, and you get to work at your own pace,” she explains. Rick Taggett, the welding instructor at NMCC, encourages students to learn from each other and practice by helping others in class. The collaborative style, rather than a competitive style, has been a highlight for Megan. Working together in her classes has allowed her to develop valuable connections with her peers. As a whole, Megan describes the college as student-oriented and feels supported by instructors and other staff members.

Megan’s advice for other women considering welding is “Don’t be afraid.” She says, “It is really intimidating walking into that classroom, not knowing if you’re going to be the only girl or not and not knowing any of the people in the room. But once you get in there and start doing it, it’s so much fun.” Megan has felt well-respected and treated as an equal in her classes. She is one of two female students currently in the welding program, but with the cooperative nature of the class, it doesn’t feel divided.

After graduation, Megan hopes to gain more experience working at a company before opening her own small welding business.

By Career Services | April 19, 2024