Breaking the Mold: January

January 14, 2016

Northern Maine Community College business administration and entrepreneurship student Anjanette Pike has always enjoyed math and working with numbers. Anjanette graduated from NMCC in May of 2015 with an Associate in Applied Science degree in accounting. Although accounting is her true passion, Anjanette decided to further her education and pursue the business administration program at NMCC to assist her in reaching her ultimate goal of earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in accounting.

It’s no surprise that Anjanette’s strengths and interests are in math, accounting, and business. Anjanette’s father currently teaches math at the University of Maine at Fort Kent (UMFK), where he is also head of the business department. According to Anjanette, her father has always worked in the business field.

For over the past twenty years, Anjanette has held various jobs in customer service. During tax season, Anjanette has assisted others by preparing their taxes for them. She has also worked as a licensed insurance agent at Sitel for over 10 years, a sales representative for Avon, and more recently at Walmart.

Anjanette decided to pursue college while working at Walmart. Her husband, who was also employed at Walmart, had already been accepted at NMCC. While attending new student orientation with him, Anjanette decided to also return to school. Anjanette had been out of school for several years and admits that the decision to attend college was a daunting one. She applied to NMCC and was accepted into the liberal studies program in 2012.

Anjanette is a very active student at NMCC. She is a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the national honor society on campus, volunteers at Student Senate activities, and has participated in campus events such as open house. Anjanette has two work study jobs on campus. For nearly three years, she has worked as a tutor in the Academic Success Center at NMCC, tutoring students in algebra, accounting, English, and computers. Anjanette has also worked as an administrative assistant in residential life for over two years. Given her busy schedule, she has been able to maintain a 4.0 grade point average. Anjanette credits her success to her family, stating that her husband, children, and parents are her biggest supporters.

There is no doubt that Anjanette is a focused student who is committed to her studies. Anjanette offers strategies to help other students succeed in college. “Be organized, don’t miss classes, and communicate with your instructors. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.” Anjanette also mentions the importance of scheduling appointments and assignment due dates on a calendar or cell phone to help stay on track.

Although business administration is considered to be a non-traditional career for females, Anjanette notes that her business classes consist mostly of women. “Over half of the students are female.” However, Anjanette reports that many of the jobs she has had have consisted mostly of males in management positions, indicating a need for more females in leadership roles.

When Anjanette talks to others about her experience in college, she speaks very highly of NMCC. “I have had a very positive experience at NMCC. The instructors are very knowledgeable and caring. Everyone in the business department is extremely helpful and understanding.” Anjanette talks about one of her instructors, Nancy Cowett. “Nancy has been a mentor. She is down to earth and helpful. If she doesn’t have the answer to a question, she will help you with finding the answer.”

Anjanette notes that the faculty and staff at NMCC are friendly and supportive, stating that she has acquired several mentors during her time at NMCC and has had many opportunities to network with others. “What I have learned from the people I have worked with has been invaluable.”

In addition to the faculty and staff, there are several other aspects about NMCC that Anjanette likes, including the size of her classes. According to Anjanette, several of her classes have required presentations, which has not only taken her out of her comfort zone, but has helped improve Anjanette’s public speaking skills. Also, tuition at NMCC is affordable. “Students who go to NMCC are getting their money’s worth.” Anjanette states that financially, it “just made sense” to attend NMCC. “I can take classes for a bachelor’s degree at a lower cost.”

When she graduates in May with an Associate in Applied Science degree in business administration and an entrepreneurship certificate, Anjanette plans on continuing her education and earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in accounting, either at Husson University or UMFK. Anjanette would like to be an accountant. Her husband, a graduate of the welding and metal fabrication and automotive technology programs at NMCC and current diesel hydraulics student, would like to own a shop someday. Anjanette plans to be his accountant when he opens his business.

Anjanette offers advice for anyone considering a career in business. “Make sure you are serious about it. If you want to succeed, you will succeed, but you need to work for it.”

Angie Pike