NMCC College Success Rate Climbs Higher

March 23, 2016

The percentage of graduates from Northern Maine Community College who are employed, continuing their education or both is on the rise.  According to the 2015 Graduate Survey Report taken 6 months after graduation, 83% are employed and that number jumps to 97% when you add those who are continuing their education.  This is the highest percentage ever achieved by NMCC.


“Our success rate had been holding steady at 93% for a number of years and that was a remarkable accomplishment,” said NMCC President Tim Crowley. “We enjoy a very high response rate to this survey—this year 213 responded out of 235 sent, so we have a very accurate picture how successful our graduates are.  To see our success rate increase by four percentage points was wonderful news for our graduates and a great endorsement of our programs.”


Ninety-one percent of the employed graduates are working in the State of Maine and 69% are working in Aroostook County.  Those numbers are the same as the year before.  66% of the graduates are working in their chosen field; and their average salary is $34,585.  That’s an average of $2,675 dollars more than was reported the year before.


The results are even more significant when compared to the 2012 survey.  At that time, 90% of the graduates were employed, continuing their education or both 6 months after graduation and 63% of the graduates were working their field.


“There is no doubt that NMCC’s constant connection with business and industry to determine workforce needs and to continually shape our programs is an essential part of our success,” said Crowley.  “This partnership benefits students through the many internships we offer and with their job readiness.  At the same time, our local and state economy is prospering thanks to the NMCC graduates prepared to take on gainful employment.”