Screening Requirements

Before you go on campus, complete the health screening app!

All students and employees who expect to be on campus or at a college facility must successfully complete a health screening app before they arrive. The app may be downloaded from any App Store as “LiveSafe” and the user must select Northern Maine Community College and follow the steps outlined. Upon completion, users will be issued a Green Check Mark or Red X, indicating whether or not they can visit campus.

If you do not successfully clear the health screening, please do NOT go to the college. Instead, please contact your supervisor or course instructor.

If you have any questions about the results of your screening through the Health Check application, please contact the following COVID-19 contact person at your college:

NMCC: Matthew Grillo: (207) 768-2792 on

To Download/Access App

LiveSafe Mobile App Link: Click Here.

LiveSafe on Desktop: Click Here.


If you have concerns about your health, including whether you may have COVID-19, you should contact your medical provider.  This survey tool is not diagnostic and should not be used in place of advice from your medical provider.