Vaccine/Booster Requirements and Submission Procedure

Current Requirement (Updated 2.8.2023)

Maine’s community colleges have ended a COVID-19 vaccine requirement for on-campus students, effective immediately.

The student vaccine protocol had required all on-campus students to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Maine Community College System (MCCS) President David Daigler cited better access and range of preventative and treatment options for COVID-19, strong vaccination rates in Maine, and improved outcomes for pandemic victims as key factors in his recommendation to the board of trustees.

There is one exception to the new protocol: Students in some programs may be required to have a COVID-19 vaccination due to the requirements at third-party locations, such as student placement sites.

Expanded wellness education efforts may include, but are not limited to, facilitating access to health care tools such as vaccination and flu shot clinics, direct messages to students, digital and print messaging in public spaces, and wellness messages in campus community newsletters.