Vaccine/Booster Requirements and Submission Procedure

This requirement does not apply to students who are fully remote and will not be entering campus buildings for any purpose. 

Current Requirement

The Maine Community College System requires all students attending classes in person to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Students are strongly encouraged to get booster shots, but they are not required. Learners will be required to provide proof of receipt of at least one dose of a vaccination prior to attending their first in-person class and provide proof of any required second dose by the start of the following semester.  

To submit proof of vaccination please follow our already established procedure shared below. 

• MCCS/NMCC will grant exemptions for individuals who cannot be vaccinated for documented medical reasons (see process below)

• The protocol applies to any student or trainee accessing MCCS/NMCC facilities, including our off-site education centers. 

COVID-19 Booster

Boosters are strongly recommended for all learners but not required at this time. The System President is authorized to enact a booster requirement, based on CDC guidance and in consultation with the College Presidents, to maintain the safety of the Colleges.

Vaccination Submission Process

Evidence of COVID-19 vaccination(s) is to be submitted through students’ American Databank-Complio account. If you have not created an American Databank-Complio account, please follow this link to sign up. This account is used to submit all NMCC health compliance forms”

Medical Exemptions

To receive a medical exemption students must complete our COVID-19 Vaccination Medical Exemption Form and submit it to