Request for Proposals
The standard contracting terms and conditions are incorporated and shall become a part of any final contract that will be awarded by any college or other operating unit of the Maine Community College System (collectively “MCCS”). These terms and conditions derive from the public nature and limited resources of the MCCS.

Current RFPs: Custodial and Cleaning Supplies RFP 2015

Summary of the November 10, 2015 Mandatory Pre-Bid Walk-through and Meeting:


Question 1: Is The College seeking ready to use products, is The College seeking proposals for products/systems similar to those currently in use.

Response 1: As stated in the RFP – “.  The College is not seeking particular brands or methods, and trust that as experts in the field, vendors can provide an all-inclusive quote for commercial/institutional cleaning supplies.”


Question 2: Is the gym cleaning considered in this RFP, or is it a separate item?

Response 2: The gym is considered a separate item.


Question 3: How is the maintenance of the custodial equipment handled?

Response 3: Custodial equipment is maintained in house.


Additional comments from meeting:

Comment 1: Please note that training offered by the vendors is one of the factors considered in proposal evaluations.

Comment 2: The College would like to sample some products for a trial period, and intend to sample multiple products (if necessary) after an agreement has been reached.


Questions submitted after 11/10/2015:

Question 4: The item is small bags  24x2406K, the per case says 100 and 40 cases needed. Can you verify that there are 100 bags per case?

Response 4: Yes 100 bags per case, estimated annual quantity is 40 cases.