NMCC Transfers Historic Chapel Property to Homeless Services of Aroostook

September 19, 2022

Lisa McLaughlin, HSA Chief Executive Officer; Sue Watson, HSA Board Chair; Tim Crowley, NMCC President.


Presque Isle – During its September 2021 meeting, the Maine Community College System (MCCS) Board of Trustees granted a request from Northern Maine Community College to transfer ownership of the former Presque Isle Air Base Chapel to Homeless Services of Aroostook (HSA). The chapel served both protestant and Catholic communities while part of the Presque Isle Air Base until the base closure.

For over fifty years, the facility has been utilized by Homeless Services for emergency family housing – known as the Sister Mary O’Donnell Emergency Shelter as rental property from NMCCC. “Approximately two years ago, the HSA Board of Directors broached the idea of the possible donation of the property,” according to Lisa McLaughlin, HSA Chief Executive Officer. Once the official request was submitted by HSA to NMCC, President Timothy Crowley, began preparation of the required documentation and submission to the MCCS to request an official transfer of the property.

“This is another opportunity for NMCC to show support in our local community. We are pleased to be a part of assisting Homeless Services of Aroostook in taking the next step in meeting some of their needs as the organization moves forward in the planning process,” stated Crowley.

On September 6, 2022, the deed was signed transferring the property from NMCC to HSA. Lisa McLaughlin, HSA Chief Executive Officer, states, “First I would like to thank the Maine Community College Board and president Tim Crowley for working with Homeless Services of Aroostook to approve the gifting of the chapel building. Through the years the building has sheltered many families and individuals. Owning the building helps us to tap into resources that we may not have had the opportunity to in the past. This opens many new doors for us, as we move forward we can improve the living conditions of our residents, provide more service to fulfill our mission, to ‘Strive to end homelessness, feed the hungry, and assist individuals in pursuing a self-sustaining life.’ Thank you again to the Maine Community College Board for this wonderful gift!”