Local Doctor Recognized With NMCC President’s Award

June 6, 2019

Aroostook County During NMCC’s recent graduation ceremony, Dr. Beth Ann Collamore was honored with the 2019 NMCC President’s Award for not only her service as a medical professional, but also for her dedication to the emergency medical services training program at NMCC. Dr. Collamore contributed to the establishment of a nationally accredited Emergency Medical Services (EMS) program at NMCC and continues to work with students during clinical rotations.

During his presentation, NMCC President Timothy Crowley shared an anecdote about Dr. Collamore coming off a full shift in the emergency room to spend the day testing the EMS students. “She continues to make the commitment to support the students, to support the EMS program, and support this institution.”

Cary Medical Center CEO Kris Doody, RN, also participated in the presentation. During her remarks, Doody mentioned that Collamore joined the Cary medical staff 19 years ago and that Collamore established the first training program for flight medicine. “Beth established the first and ongoing training for our flight nurses and paramedics, with an expectation they would be trained and proficient like other flight teams including Lifeflight before they could fly with a patient.”

“I could not be happier to see one of our physicians recognized at this very special graduation ceremony than Dr. Beth Collamore. For Beth, health care is not a career, it is a calling. Thank you so much President Crowley for this opportunity to thank Beth for her long and wonderful service to Cary Medical Center, but more so to the citizens of Aroostook County,” Doody said in her speech.

In closing remarks, President Crowley stated, “Roses and plaques fade in time, but the impressions you make on students, the inspiration you give to students, faculty and staff doesn’t. You’ve inspired hundreds of students; you’ve inspired NMCC to expand what we’re doing in critical care. You’ve expanded our commitment to the community we serve. We will be forever grateful.”


NMCC president Timothy Crowley presents Dr. Beth Collamore of Cary Medical Center with the 2019 President’s Award in recognition of her unwavering dedication to Emergency Medical Services for NMCC, Aroostook County, and Maine.