Breaking the Mold: Genesis Hart

November 14, 2017

When Northern Maine Community College business administration student Genesis Hart was in high school, she ran a business out of her locker. Her business consisted of selling snacks, school supplies, and cell phone chargers to her classmates. Business was great and she made a profit. At a young age, Genesis excelled at being a salesperson.

Her interest in business began when she was in the second grade. “I used to sell things to my brothers for collateral. I would make deals with them. I have always been a negotiator.”

NMCC Business Administration student Genesis Hart.

When Genesis graduated from high school, she obtained employment at a casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey where she worked as manager in the food court, a position that involved accounting skills and overseeing the inventory. After two years on the job, Genesis wanted a change. She decided to leave her home state of New Jersey and attend Loring Job Corps in Limestone, Maine. At Job Corps, she studied culinary arts and served as student government president.

When she completed the culinary arts program in 2016, Genesis chose to study business administration at NMCC. “The staff at Job Corps gave me the idea to attend NMCC. I took a tour of the campus and I liked it. If I see an opportunity or something that I am interested in, I go for it.”

Genesis is glad that she chose NMCC. “I like the program. The teachers are good and it’s comfortable here.” Also, she prefers the smaller class size. “The instructors get to know the students individually.”

Genesis believes that business is the right fit for her. “Business comes naturally to me. It just feels right.” She likes how the concepts that she is learning in her classes are connected to each other and how she can relate what she is learning to her life. “We all do something that is business-related every day. I am expanding on what I already know and I’m applying what I’m learning to my daily life.”

Genesis is very involved in the campus community. She is a member of the Student Senate and is vice president of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society. She is also a resident assistant and she works in the NMCC Smith Wellness Center and in the Reed Dining Commons on campus.

Genesis is not only dedicated to her work and campus responsibilities, but she is also devoted to her studies. To date, she has earned a 3.7 grade point average. Genesis offers tips for academic success including finding a balance between family, school, and work. She also emphasizes the importance of finding time for yourself. “Taking care of yourself is number one. Also, eliminate things what will take away from your focus.”   

When Genesis graduates in May of 2018, she plans to continue her education and earn a four-year degree. She has many interests including theatre, culinary arts, and working with animals. With the knowledge that she has acquired in business, Genesis is confident that she will be prepared to pursue a career in any of her interest areas.

For the past year, Genesis has worked as a jewelry consultant and certified diamontologist at Kay Jewelers. At her job, she has observed differences between male and female employees. “Women tend to focus on building relationships with customers and connecting to them on an emotional level. Men may be more concerned with getting to the end goal or making the sale.”

In regards to challenges that women might experience in the field, Genesis believes that women may feel like they can’t take the lead in a male-dominated career. “Females may feel intimated.”

Genesis offers advice to females who may be considering a career in business administration. “Don’t be afraid to speak up if you know something. Have confidence. If you don’t believe in yourself, then no one else will.”

Quick Facts:

General & Operations Managers

Job Duties

Plan, direct, or coordinate the operations of public or private sector organizations.

Skills Needed

Active listening, coordination, monitoring, social perceptiveness, and speaking.

2016 National Average Pay

$47.74/hour; $99,310/year

Projected Job Growth: 2014-2024


Source: O’NET Online (2016)

NMCC 2016 Business Administration Graduate Success Rate (Employed, Continuing Education, or both)