NMCC Foundation Awards Instructional Technology Endowment Grants

April 1, 2016

New educational equipment is being funded for NMCC programs thanks to an endowment established through the NMCC Foundation. The Investing in Innovation Fund has purchased equipment that may not otherwise be funded through College department budgets. This year the endowment is funding three projects worth more than $4200 dollars.

The Automotive Technology Lab has been awarded funds for the purchase of a new Snap-On SOLUS Edge diagnostic scanner. This scanner offers enhanced and advanced levels of vehicle diagnostics which include graphing features, Sure Track diagnostics, and Fast-Track troubleshooter, which benefits students in diagnostic procedures. Snap-On

“This scanner supports all domestic, European, and Asian vehicles for complete vehicle scanning and diagnostics,” explains instructor Paul LaJoie.  “This Snap-On scanner gives students another diagnostic tool option to learn how to use and also benefits students in fully understanding complicated advanced system operations including hybrid and electric vehicle platforms.”

NMCC’s Emergency Medical Services program also received funding support for new technology: a set of GoPro cameras.

“These cameras can be worn by students or ‘patients’ and have their activities monitored while they are conducting simulation exercises,” said Matthew Beil, program instructor. “Afterwards, the students can assess their activities by reviewing the video during debriefing with faculty. Their peers can watch from afar as well, thus giving the students less ‘stage fright.’”
GoProAnother project request was awarded $1,160 which will finance simulation equipment for the Precision Machining Technology program.  The purchase of a FANUC CNC simulator will support the students’ FANUC CNC certification training, which has become the industry standard.

“Our program Advisory Board recognized the need to continue strengthening program offerings, which includes third party certification. The FANUC certification is a robust program, which ensures students learn the skills that industry demands from FANUC certified instructors, using a FANUC approved curriculum on genuine FANUC equipment,” said Dean Duplessis, PMT instructor.  “The FANUC CNC simulator is a perfect addition to the classroom and an essential component to gain maximum exposure to FANUC CNC controls.”FANUC

The Investing in Innovation endowment was established in part to expand and improve the skill set of graduates to meet the needs of employers.  Area business and community leaders consistently confer with NMCC officials regarding current technological needs in the workplace.  This helps shape the educational and training opportunities provided by the College.

Since 2008, the NMCC Foundation has awarded $23,000 through the Investing in Innovation Fund.

Applications for the awards are submitted to a committee of NMCC Foundation board members, as well as representatives of College faculty and staff for consideration.