Tuition & Fees

TUITION 2016 – 2017 *

Resident $92 per credit hour*
N.E. Regional Student Program $138 per credit hour*
**New Brunswick Students $138 per credit hour*
Non-Resident $184 per credit hour*

*Summer 2016 tuition will remain at 2015-2016 levels ($90 for resident; $135 for regional and New Brunswick; $180 for non-resident)

Note:  For planning purposes, 16 credit hours per semester may be considered average. Also Note:  Changing financial conditions, state legislative action and other considerations may necessitate adjustment of charges and expenses.  The college reserves the right to make such adjustments as may from time to time be necessary in the opinion of the Board of Trustees. **Students admitted under the MCCS/NBCC agreement are eligible to take classes at resident tuition rates.  For more information on the agreement, contact the student services office.


Double Room w/19 meals/week $3,909/Semester
Double Room w/14 meals/week $3,509/Semester
Double Room w/12 meals/week $3,213/Semester
Single Room w/19 meals/week $4,333/Semester
Single Room w/14 meals/week $3,933/Semester
Single Room w/12 meals/week $3,637/Semester
Registration Fee (full-time) $13/semester
Registration Fee (part-time) $11/semester
Comprehensive Fee $3/credit hour
Information Services Fee $6/credit hour
Course Fees (Lab) $18.40/credit hour
Course Fees (Non-Lab) $9.20/credit hour
Student Activity Fee $26/semester
Health Center Fee (full-time) $40/semester
Health Center Fee (part-time) $15/semester
Liability Insurance (Nursing students) $15
Liability Insurance (EMS students) $61.50
Liability Insurance (ECE students) $17
Orientation Fee $35*
Graduation Fee (Seniors) $65
Early Cancellation Fee (Housing) $350

* Incoming first-year students only. Notes: All resident students must purchase a meal plan.  Books and supplies vary with demands of individual programs.  Many trade and business programs also have additional tool or notebook computer expenses. Our cost estimator can help you determine your costs for a given semester.


The Maine Community College System expressly reserves the right to change in any manner, including increasing, tuition or any other fees.  While, where practicable, the college will attempt to give as much notice as each situation allows, the college reserves the right to make any such changes without notice.