Program Outcome

A student successfully completing this program will be able to do the following:
  • Maintain the standards of information security and preserve personal health information in any form or medium.
  • Interpret the legal and regulatory requirements and processes that govern the healthcare industry.
  • Describe the significance of statues, administrative laws, and regulatory agencies, with regard to the maintenance, use and disclosure of health information.
  • Apply diagnoses and procedure codes according to current nomenclature from the health record.
  • Apply licensing and regulatory issues related to coded data, payment, and reimbursement systems and professional ethics in coding.
  • Analyze and report data for facility-wide revenue cycle management, quality management and performance improvement programs.
  • Evaluate statistical information utilized in health information management and management information systems.
  • Summarize reimbursement systems and how they affect providers, payers, consumers, policy makers, and the development of classification and information technology systems.
  • Analyze health information systems technology including EHR, PHR, and patient registration applications.
  • Describe the principles and mechanics of the electronic health record (EHR).