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Northern Maine Community College is committed to educating students regarding collecting, evaluating and using information properly. Northern Maine Community College’s definition of an “information literate” student is one who can clearly articulate information needs, confidently search for and access information from a variety of sources, locate, evaluate, and use that information ethically and legally for research and personal purposes.  The ability to find, evaluate, and interpret information is a skill that will serve students well throughout their lifetime. The links below may give you a better understanding of information literacy, copyright, and plagiarism.

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The college respects and enforces copyright law, software contracts, and intellectual property rights. Students need to be aware of and abide by intellectual property laws, software contract restrictions, and copyright laws. You may not copy, store, display, or distribute materials covered under these laws without the express permission of the copyright holder. NMCC students are expected to act in a legal and ethical manner when accessing information through the college network.

The library has several contracts with vendors and publishers and purchases databases and online content. Each of these contracts have restrictions and limitations. If you are uncertain about your rights in using this information, please contact the library directly for assistance.

View college acceptable use policies here.


Violation of copyright is a serious offense.  Students are expected to abide by federal copyright law when accessing information.  See these links below for additional information.  Need help or clarification, contact the library.

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US Copyright Office

Copyright basics
from US Copyright Office

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Creative Commons  Find licensed works you can use, remix, and share legally

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