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Northern Maine Community College Library

Mission Statement

The Library's mission is providing services and resources to meet the present and future teaching and informational needs of the NMCC community, and, insofar as possible, to share information resources with those outside, the College for educational enrichment.

Goals and Objectives

This document, in addition to the Mission already cited, presents both guiding principles and objectives upon which planning is based.

Guiding Principles

  1. To recognize that the Library is not an autonomous body but operates within the larger organizational framework;
  2. To support the College commitment to concerns beyond the institution proper;
  3. To participate in inter-library cooperation in both the spirit of sharing information and in making the most efficient use of finances and other resources;
  4. To view the Library as a dynamic system, in need of constant evaluation and adjustment, in order to maintain the necessary flexibility to accommodate changing environmental and patron demands;
  5. To strive toward maximal organizational efficiency and effectiveness, in order to best utilize material and human resources
  6. To aim for an internal working environment that will produce personal satisfaction in the attainment of Library goals;
  7. To resist attempts to censor information;
  8. To respect individual patrons and to guard their rights to privacy;
  9. To acquire and preserve recorded knowledge for future generations as well as provide tools for ongoing teaching and research;
  10. To maintain flexibility in meeting patron needs, whether planning services, applying regulations, providing resources, or some other activity;
  11. To maximize access to information and use of the collection so that the greatest number of patrons can be satisfied, yet recognizing unique demands on individuals; and
  12. To recognize that patron services is the ultimate goal of all Library activities.

: The basic objectives of the Library are to facilitate access to information, and to Library materials and services for members of the College community through a common endeavor on the part of the entire staff to acquire, process, service, and preserve Library materials. In an effort to achieve the basic objective it is incumbent upon the Library staff to:
  1. Develop the collection based upon a thorough knowledge of the instructional and informational needs of the College community;
  2. Develop and establish more effective collection control through improved circulation service, increased security, and collection preservation including proper attention to materials requiring special considerations;
  3. Study and effect means of improving access to Library materials and information through staff awareness and development, user education and the utilization of expanded and non-traditional library services;
  4. Improve and expedite the processing of Library materials through both innovative and traditional methods to provide necessary bibliographic control and access;
  5. Continue to study, ascertain and appraise the Library's responsibilities and ability to serve others beyond the College community;
  6. Develop cooperative programs for resource sharing in light of the College's obligations to this College community, to other libraries, and to researchers nationally;
  7. Systematically examine space problems and needs to ascertain the best possible arrangement of materials, services and staff for maximum effectiveness and efficiency in Library operations;
  8. Maintain and further develop a highly capable Library staff through systematic programs of recruitment, career development and effective utilization of individual talents;
  9. Establish and maintain effective liaison between the Library's staff and its primary clientele to assist in the planning and development of Library programs and services to meet the changing needs of the College;
  10. Utilize the widest number of avenues of communication possible both internally and externally to insure the clearest understanding of Library policies and programs;
  11. Continue to review the above objectives and develop new objectives as appropriate.

The Library also adheres to the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights, The Freedom to Read, and Freedom to View statements.

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